Right market exposure is extremely important in getting the best value for your property. But before listing a property, being well informed and properly ready helps to make the right decision in the right direction. If you choose me as your listing agent then I will help you get the best value for your house. Here’s a brief overview of my services:

  1. Gathering a detailed report about the house and its features.
  2. Assessing and Calculating the market value of the house by using comparative analysis tools.
  3. Preparing the house for listing like clicking pictures, making videos, decorating the house etc.
  4. Conducting Open houses.
  5. Marketing the house on MLS and other portals.


If you are looking to buy a house either for the purpose of settling or as an investment, you have come to the right place. I will help you prepare for the homeownership and guide you through all the steps of purchasing a house, like:

  1. Preparing your finances for a down payment, closing expenses and settling in
  2. Applying and getting mortgage approval
  3. Finding your dream house
  4. Negotiating a good deal
  5. Planning your moving
  6. And much more!


Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, renting a house can be daunting if not done properly. But you need not worry as you can always avail my services before you rent a house. My services include but are not limited to:

For Landlords

  1. Listing and Marketing the rental space
  2. Getting the Market Price
  3. Adding Clauses to safeguard your rights
  4. Background check
  5. Ensuring timely payments
  6. A well-documented lease agreement

For tenants

  1. House hunting
  2. Price negotiating
  3. Acquainting you about your rights
  4. Residential tenancy agreement

The above are some key points, for a detailed service list please feel free to contact me.